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Cycling Capital of Texas

Fredericksburg and the Hill Country

Overview promotes self-guided bicycling in the Cycling Capital of Texas - Fredericksburg and the Hill Country.

Our free detailed Cycling Routes feature maps and turn-by-turn instructions on excellent bicycling roads. In addition, these routes also highlight rehydration resources (if any), points of interest, and "hills of interest".

We also provide information for visitors. Search our site for B&B's, inn's, motels, restaurants, attractions, etc...

Finally, we provide information related to unique hazards cyclists might encounter riding these rural Hill Country roads.

Fredericksburg, Texas

An ideal cyclists' home base, Fredericksburg offers great restaurants, bountiful lodging, and numerous attractions. These features also make it an infinitely entertaining non-cyclist's retreat.

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Texas Hill Country Region

A road cyclists dream, the Texas Hill Country offers many miles of quiet hilly roads, substantially great weather; and friendly, entertaining towns. The central location of the Texas Hill Country makes it easily accessible for cyclists all over the state. The proximity of Fredericksburg to major airports in Austin and San Antonio puts the Texas Hill Country within reach of cyclists looking for an exceptional vacation destination.


Our aim is straightforward: The definitive resource for self-guided cycling vacations in the Texas Hill Country. Local merchants sponsor our routes and support our promotion of the Cycling Capital of Texas, thus benefiting as cyclists travel here and support them.

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We publish our free Cycling Routes in PDF format; each presents a simple route map and more:

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Visitor Resources

Planning a visit to Fredericksburg and the Hill Country? Utilize our Visitor Resources section for information related to lodging, dining, local attractions, directions to Fredericksburg, local climate/current weather information, and more.

Ride Friendly

Cyclists using this site to plan a trip to the Texas Hill Country are reminded that, when on your bike, you are an ambassador representing all cyclists. When riding here (or anywhere for that matter), bear this fact in mind and ride courteously. This is prime cycling country, please do your part to keep it that way. Our Ride Friendly section highlights the rights of cyclists and the "wrongs" of cyclists. makes an ongoing and fervent effort to promote friendly cycling compatible with the needs and expectations of motorists.

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Our Hazards section highlights a few unique features of our roads that city-oriented cyclists may not have encountered. Examples of these include cattle guards and water crossings. Read up before riding among these curiosities; not to simply avoid confusion, but to negotiate them with savior faire.

Contact Us

Ride your dream bike on our dream roads. Built, maintained, and grown as a sort of Swiss-army knife for cyclists planning and enjoying self-guided cycling vacations in Fredericksburg and the Hill Country, appreciates and values your input and inquiries. Please contact us with any comments or questions related to the site or the region.


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